Your HVAC Website Is Chasing Customers Away (and Here Are 4 Reasons Why)​

HVAC contractors need websites to get new customers.

It stands to reason that higher traffic on those websites is better. Right? Well, yes, but that isn’t the full story.

There’s something much more important than overall traffic: conversions.

A conversion happens when someone does more than just browse your site. They call you. They subscribe to emails. They buy something. They fill out a form. You set the goal, but when that goal is reached, that visitor has been converted to a lead, and thus to potential revenue.

Conversion matters even more than traffic. Traffic represents window shoppers. Conversions represent a real-world opportunity.

Let’s say you’ve got a website drawing 10,000 visitors a month. That’s an amazing number!

But uh-oh! You’re only converting at 2.5%. That means about 250 visitors each month actually give you a real shot at getting their business.

If you doubled that conversion rate, that’s 500 chances. 1000 chances if you quadruple it – and your web traffic never needs to change for that to happen.

It’s basic quality over quantity.

So, in 4 easy steps, here are the things your website or landing page is missing. We’ll apply a classic copywriting principle of design called AIDA. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Over the years, I’ve found it remarkably successful at building successful home service and repair sites, particularly in the HVAC industry.


You’re just not getting enough of it. When someone visits your page, they’ve got a problem, and they’re looking for instant solutions. You’ve got seconds – literally moments – to grab their attention and give them the reason to suspect that you have that solution.

With HVAC sites (click here to learn more), you’re mostly dealing with consumers who’ve got a broken AC unit, and are looking for an HVAC website that says, “We’ve got this.”

That starts with the headline. Here’s a great one:

At last! – An AC Repair Company That Can Beat the Heat & Give You Back Your Comfortable Home

Risk-free, Worry-free! Call XXX-XXX-XXXX For IMMEDIATE RELIEF!

Here’s why it’s great:

It grabs their attention and hangs on to it. It tells them a lot about you. It inspires them to contact you, as soon as they’ve hit your site. It proves that you understand what they’re going through, and want to help.


Getting their attention isn’t the easy part.

There’s no easy part to this. It requires attention to detail. Once you’ve gotten their attention – a Herculean feat already! – it’s time to build interest. Do this by creating an imaginary dialogue. Your writing is half of a great conversation.

Hey, friend!

Are you worried that you’re not ready for this summer swelter? Is your Air Conditioning system just not living up to its name?

We’ve all been there – and you don’t have to just cope with it.

Imagine coming home to an AC that’s screeching and banging, but your home is still hot! Or worse – imagine that your air conditioner isn’t making any sounds at all. Silent and useless while your living room turns into a greenhouse!

What do you do? Go flip the breakers and hope for the best? Try to figure it out on your own and risk electrocution?”

You’d continue in that vein for a while, but you’ve done it. You’ve captured their interest. They sense a kindred spirit, someone who’s been in their shoes.

The crucial difference?

This person has answers.

Looking for your own high-conversion HVAC website? Look no further! Great HVAC website content awaits you. Click here!


They’re attentive and interested. Now you have to make them want you. Does this sound a bit like a seduction? In some ways, that’s accurate. It’s part seduction, part proposal, especially with HVAC contractors, who often form years-long working relationships with customers.

To build desire, invest time and energy into coming up with The Offer. The offer is your diamond ring, the thing that says, “Pick me.” It has to be out of this world.

Lay it all on the line. The 24/7 availability, the worry-free guarantee, the A+ BBB ratings, the manufacturer awards, the NACE certifications, all the bells and whistles and badges and baubles that make your operation special. Then cap it with The Offer.

Does saving $150 sound good to you?

If you act fast, [Your Company] will give you $150 off any AC repair service. No games, no restrictions – just savings! When your recommended repair is completed, your friendly technician will simply deduct $150 from your bill!

Now, that’s a great deal – and a scary one when some repairs don’t even cost $150. But remember, each new customer represents a lifetime value, not just this one repair. It’s your audition, and if you nail it, they’ll never call anyone else.


So you’ve corrected everything wrong with your site.

You’ve tossed the boring headlines and grabbed their attention with something they can sink their teeth into.

You’ve built their interest by showing common ground and offering the solutions they need.

You’ve even created desire by mastering The Offer, and yours is so good you just know they’ll be chomping at the bit to take advantage of it.

Great work!


This is where a lot of sites fall apart. If your visitor has to spend more than a second or two figuring out how to take advantage of The Offer, it’s game over. Your visitor has to easily and quickly understand what to do next and how to accomplish it. You do this with a clear Call To Action (CTA).

A CTA needs to be unambiguous:

Don’t spend another minute worrying about a malfunctioning AC!

A brightly colored button with high contrast, strong language like the sentence above, and a clear, legible phone number is a great option for contractors. You can also include email in your CTA button.

Do NOT use a “Contact Us” page as a catch-all. You should have a lead generation form on every single page and not depend on redirection. Every redirect lessens the odds of a visitor following through.

Keep the Lead Generation capture form simple and clean. Name. Phone. Email. Nothing else, or you’ll lose people.

Don’t depend on “Submit” at the bottom, either! Make it snappy, use things like:

    • Schedule my repair!
    • Fix my AC!
  • Get my estimate!

Set their minds at ease by including a “we won’t share your info” blurb, icons for the kinds of payment you accept, and any pertinent offers that won’t clutter up space.

Trust me – applying AIDA to your website copy is going to dramatically improve your conversion rates without any increase in overall traffic.

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