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Dear Fellow HVAC Professional,

Let me ask you a question: How difficult has it become in the past few years to attract quality leads for your HVAC or other home services business?

If you’re like the majority of us, bringing in a consistent flow of ready-to-hire leads has become an almost maddening challenge.

Every day, tens of thousands of HVAC pros – honest, hard-working people just like you – scramble just to attract enough high-quality leads to keep their businesses open… let alone fill their schedules.

That’s because (unless you’re willing to throw TONS of cash at Facebook ads or other forms of paid advertising that eat away at your profits), you need to publish lots of expertly crafted, search engine optimized content to get noticed, build trust, and compel prospective clients to hire you.

I solve that…

Not so long ago, content marketing wasn’t all that difficult. As long as you threw a few keywords into your articles and web pages, you could bank on attracting all the clients you needed.

But with today’s incredibly complex search engine algorithms (which require you to please both human readers and web “robots,”) coupled with intense competition, attracting leads online has become anything but simple.

Even worse, hiring just any SEO specialist to optimize your content won’t do you much good. With social media metrics (such as “likes” and shares) having become an important part of SEO, you need marketing content that strongly appeals to homeowners looking for HVAC and other services… and that is compelling enough for them to share with their circles.

Let’s Take A Look At How HVAC-specific Optimization Makes A Dramatic Difference…

Think SEO doesn’t really matter in HVAC industry marketing? Let’s look at an example of a lazy headline many home service pros (i.e., your competitors) are using to try to attract leads:

[Insert City Name] #1 Heating and Air Conditioning Experts

That headline is about as exciting as a bag of plain rice cakes, right?

Exactly. We’ve all seen it a thousand times. Sure, it has the keyword “heating and air conditioning,” but so do a million other sites. And because it’s boring and ineffective, it doesn’t compel anyone to read the rest of the content… let alone share it with anyone.

So an HVAC company’s website that features this headline is doomed to obscurity… and it’s going to do a dismal job of attracting leads.

Now… let’s compare that to this home page headline:

[Your City] Heating and Air Conditioning – Get Unmatched Craftsmanship, Best-in-Class Service, On-Time Repairs, and FREE Installation Quotes…

…All at Prices that Suit Your Budget!

See the difference? That’s a headline that grabs attention, makes specific promises, compels visitors to read more, AND contains a critical HVAC keyword phrase.

The result? Higher rankings, increased traffic, and more leads in your email (or voicemail) inbox!

And all of that means you get predictable income and profits for your business… instead of worrying about how you’ll fill your schedule this week!

Does that sound like a relief to you?

I thought so.

Then allow me to introduce you to:

The Advanced HVAC Lead Generation and Ranking Program Offered Exclusively by Website Leads Now, LLC

My name is Michael Haines and I’ve spent the last 16 years perfecting online HVAC content marketing. By continually refining and adapting my approach, I’ve helped professionals just like you outshine their competitors online and enjoy a consistent flow of lucrative, high-quality leads.

To date, our Advanced HVAC Lead Generation and Ranking Program has generated over 17 million visitors and more than $50 million in sales for my own HVAC websites… and that’s just the beginning!

I launched my first website way back in 2001, That site has generated close to $50,000,000 in sales from almost 17,000,000 visitors.

Here’s a little perspective: If your site received 5000 visitors each month, it would take 283 years to reach 17,000,000. In fact, we got so much traffic that we spent up to $750 each month just for hosting the site on a dedicated server that could handle it all.

It’s safe to say that over the last 16 years, what I’ve learned about ranking for the search engines is especially powerful for home services contractors such as HVAC, electricians, plumbers, or any business where you serve a local, residential market.

I’ve spent over a decade testing and confirming ways to increase the number of visitors to your site, the level of reader retention, and the ratio of conversion from a cold website visitor to a warm client using a few key changes to the way your website content is written and structured.

And, I’ve used these exact techniques to outrank behemoths like Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon, Sears, and equipment manufacturers like Mitsubishi, LG, Rheem and others, for very important money keywords on a national basis.

Need proof? In the image on the right  (or just just below on your mobile device), check out national rankings as of May, 2017 for the search term mitsubishi air conditioner prices. You'll notice my company, is number 1 and 2 organically. Home Depot is number 3, while Sears is number 7 and 8, with Amazon number 9 and the manufacturer, Mitsubishi is dead last at number 10.

That site is dominant for thousands of highly competitive terms and has been for well over a decade.

If you’re looking for a simple, cost-effective way to get more visitors and turn them into ready-to-buy leads, we’d love to help!

I’m a 30-year Florida licensed HVAC contractor veteran, so I understand the nuances of the industry (and what prospective customers need to know to hire you).

That experience makes me and my team uniquely qualified to help you create high-converting, compelling content using low-cost offers that allow you to rise above your competition.

When you work with us, you’re getting optimized content that can give you a massive return on your investment… and that is uniquely crafted to help you effortlessly sell specific home services such as:

  • Air conditioner repair
  • Furnace and heating system repair
  • Heating and cooling system replacements
  • Air conditioning and furnace tune-ups and maintenance
  • And many more!

So, How Exactly Does the Advanced HVAC Lead Generation and Ranking Program Work?​

As I’ve noted, this is MUCH more than just basic SEO. Not only will we attract the right visitors, but we guide them through an incremental “digital journey” specifically designed to capture their attention and interest, build their desire to hire you, and compel them to take action now.

Here are the components we’ll use to achieve this goal and give you an “unfair advantage” over your competitors:

  • Video production and optimization designed to get 100% done-for-you videos ranked on Google within days. This is a service almost no agencies offer due to the high cost but we have made it part of each of our very affordable packages. (the only exception is the “starter” package which is a program designed for contractors on a small budget to get in the game.)
  • Insightful and highly optimized residential HVAC “Power Pages” specifically designed to boost your website domain authority within your market and rocket your website rankings through the roof.
  • These Power Pages and related blog posts provide answers to the concerns your residential clients face when their system breaks down and when they need a quote for a new system. They also boost your overall website rankings.
  • High quality backlinks that prove to Google your website is an authority and worthy of first page rankings for the very best keyword searches in your market.
  • We use little known and under-utilized website and landing page optimization techniques that have proven effective over 16 years of painstaking research and day to day testing.
  • Google local 3 pack optimization – 40-50% of clicks for HVAC contractors happen here. Placement is mandatory to online success. We have a tremendously effective method that is focused on getting your site ranked in the top 3 positions for a variety of important keyword searches.

And once all of these components are in place, you get to reap the rewards for years to come, because you’ll keep bringing in targeted leads day after day – with zero effort on your part!

Experience the difference with our 100% performance-based guarantee.  

It works like this:

We'll help you select the most sought after, high value keywords in your market; the ones that generate calls and appointments. The ones that have stubbornly refused to cooperate in spite of your best efforts.

You'll get  a dramatic increase in your rankings for these keywords in 60 days or we'll refund every penny you paid us. That's right, a 100% refund! 

our customers

I have hired a few Online Management Companies and wasted my money so I decided to contact Michael Haines. Not only did they do the job, he followed up and monitored aspects of his work directly to my staff. I cannot be more happy with the results.

If there is any company out there in need.,.please check out Website Leads Now!

Tim Peacock, Dependable Refrigeration in Tucson, AZ

Ready To Take Advantage Of The HVAC Lead Generation And Ranking Program Successful HVAC Pros Trust?

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