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Perfect for PPC, Adwords, Social Media, or to spruce up your website!


  • Does your PPC performance fail to live up to expectations?
  • Are driving your AdWords PPC traffic to your website?
  • Are you frustrated because your PPC account is unprofitable?
  • Have you just about given up on ever having a successful PPC campaign?
  • Does your online competition seem to have a huge competitive edge?
  • Is running your business and trying to be an online marketer just too much?


Check out these real-life examples of the most advanced HVAC landing pages in America:

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The Spectacular A/C Installation Event!

Ready to stand out from EVERYONE in your market? Then, let us turn your system installation page into The Big A/C Installation Event. We'll create excitement and a sense of urgency for your visitors with this limited time, act-now AdVanced Landing Page.

This page address all of your visitor's trust and security concerns and helps create generate system replacements like clockwork.

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Get Risk-free, On-time AC Repair

This unique AC repair Advanced Landing Page can fill your calendar with your very best wallet-out and ready-to-buy homeowner clients. This page very carefully guides your visitors through a unique “digital journey" designed to convince the stubborn and the skeptical viewers you encounter.

It makes a compelling offer, provides social proof, builds trust and desire and leads to a very clear call to action. This page converts like crazy!

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Get $305 Worth Of Smart Home Value For Just $79

Watch your tuneups and service agreement opportunities skyrocket with this unique maintenance landing page. We skip all the tech talk along with the 27 point drudgery and instead focus on the features and true benefits of the most thorough tune up in town: Energy savings, extended equipment life, better comfort, reduced repair costs, everything!

You'll Get My Proven HVAC Landing Pages That Have Generated $45,000,000 In Sales

My HVAC Landing Pages Are Crafted Using The
Time-tested A.I.D.A. Copywriting Principle:​

1) Attention – I use tested and effective HVAC website headlines to immediately capture the attention of your visitors

2) Interest –  I build interest using compelling content, special offers and catchy sub-headlines peppered throughout the content of the page

3) Desire –  Like a marriage proposal from your life-long soul mate, desire is the driving force behind every decision we make

4) Action –  A message without a call to action is like a joke without a punchline – pointless and a waste of time. Mine are enticing and obvious

When I say the price is right and the value is high, here's what I mean:

Forget an effective PPC campaign unless you offer the right message on your landing pages. Visitors need a clear and focused landing page journey that assures them that your company is the clear choice. PERIOD.

If you or your PPC manager is driving traffic to your website, failure is almost guaranteed!

But they don't.

Most PPC management agencies conceal the fact that they have no way to offer you custom landing pages that provide great content, instead, choosing the lazy approach of driving traffic to your website.

As a 30 year HVAC contractor and online marketing expert for 16 years, my proven content and offer strategies offer your homeowner prospects exactly what they want most!

Here’s Just A Few Of The Ways My HVAC Landing Pages Dramatically Turnaround PPC Campaigns”


We remove 100% of your risk. If at anytime in the design process you are unhappy for ANY reason, just tell us and we'll refund your money. This takes all the risk off of you and places it squarely on our shoulders, ensuring we're highly motivated to perform as promised.


There are plenty of much more expensive HVAC landing pages to choose from but NONE that provide the conversion rate, value and price point you see here. You'll get my proven design and content elements that will out-perform ANY HVAC landing page at ANY PRICE.  Boost your PPC and AdWords conversion rates by up to 7X.​


There's no question that a simple-to-update design is the platform of choice – I use the most “PPC Friendly" platforms to improve your sales and conversions. Plus, you can make seasonal offer changes and website updates yourself without design skills of any kind and without having to rely on expensive outside vendors!


Your message to viewers must be clear and compelling with strong calls to action. You'll get my prized copywriting techniques that craft the most enticing offers in your market. Plus, these techniques have been tested and proven over the last 16 years. NOBODY in America has more experience engaging your viewers with compelling content and clear calls to action for HVAC landing pages.​​


A/C and heating repair, maintenance, or system replacements? We get it! No other web developer can touch our skill in presenting your most profitable and high demand services such as repair, replacement, and maintenance. You name it – I've done it. Website and landing page visitors have 10 very specific questions that must be addressed in a successful landing page!​ (Your HVAC landing pages will answer all 10 each and every time.)


Boost the conversion rate of your website visitors by up to 40% with our fully staffed live chat option. Elevate the conversation with interested prospects and create yet another way for them to engage. Our service is staffed 24/7/365 by experts who are skilled at creating additional opportunities. Plus, you only pay for qualified leads with no fixed, ongoing monthly fees.


It's official. Google announced that by fall of  2017, 60% of search results will be video, not webpages with just text. Our offer-driven videos are focused and keep your visitors on track with our 4-step video script writing techniques with strong and clear calls to action. Be sure to ask about our high converting, custom HVAC video production service.


Simply being “mobile responsive" is not enough to create high mobile conversions. The experience is very different on mobile devices and ours are simply the best in the business. Your viewers will discover a focused and clear message that is short and sweet but designed to drive extremely high response rates from your mobile device users.

My Advanced HVAC Landing Page Designs Are Perfect For Social Media And PPC Advertising Campaigns


These HVAC landing pages work incredibly well for AdWords PPC and social media campaigns. They work equally well if you need some high-quality pages to spruce up your website.

My finely-tuned landing pages employ the proven and high converting 4 step A.I.D.A. design process that WILL help you build a profitable customer base without all the uncertainty.

My HVAC landing pages work for you, nights, weekends, and holidays, 24/7.

How do I know that?

Because I’ve not only used this exact HVAC landing page design system for over 16 years, I've grown my own HVAC businesses into profitable financial pillars, generating $45,000,000 online with over 17,000,000 visitors.

our customers

I have hired a few Online Management Companies and wasted my money so I decided to contact Michael Haines. Not only did they do the job, he followed up and monitored aspects of his work directly to my staff. I cannot be more happy with the results.

If there is any company out there in need.,.please check out Website Leads Now!

Tim Peacock, Dependable Refrigeration in Tucson, AZ

Here's what to do next....


These Advanced HVAC Landing Pages provide contractors with the latest time-tested designs for improved conversions in weeks, not months!

My Advanced HVAC Landing Pages Ranking have CRACKED the CODE on conversions with game-changing landing pages that will help fill your calendar every day.

My clients take advantage of my time-tested strategies on how to out-convert and beat the competition while gaining valuable market share.

Get the latest cutting-edge strategies on how to have a full calendar every day with prospects who are pre-motivated and pre-sold!

Get advanced HVAC landing pages from just $277!
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Let's clear something up straight away. I'm not a so-called marketing guy trying to build my skills and test out new ideas on HVAC contractors and whoever I can get to listen. You know the type, right?

We've all been there, including me.

No, these are proven strategies that I've uncovered over the last 16 years generating tons of online revenue from over 17,000,000 visitors to the largest and most popular e-commerce site in the HVAC industry that I founded in 2001, and my own local service and installation websites.

I've tested hundreds of offers, messages, and HVAC landing page designs. What you are seeing here today is the hard-fought results of 10's of thousands of hours of exhaustive research and testing.

These Advanced HVAC Landing Pages are guaranteed to convert better and create more sales for you than anything available ANYWHERE at ANY price.

If you'd like to learn more you can call me or use the email form at the top of this page. Once I know a little about your business and goals, we can discuss some strategies to help get you there quickly.

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