HVAC & Contractor Websites (and What You’re Doing Wrong)​

Dealing with contractor websites can be like pulling teeth.

It’s difficult to figure out what makes them tick, they’re often surprisingly willful, and they will stress you out. I’ve spoken with hundreds of contractors and webmasters who’ve built and rebuilt their pages, changed every graphic a dozen times, switched hosting services, dumped more money into ads, and tried every fix.

Every fix, that is, except the right one.

Here’s a secret that isn’t so secret to copywriters:

The problem is usually in the content.

Often, when commissioning a website, a business wants to one-stop shop. In practice, that means that many websites have their content created by the same person who did the design and layout.

That’s not practical or realistic. It takes a long time to become proficient in either of those skills, and very few people are equally talented at both.

So the problem with underperforming lead-gen sites is the content. More specifically, the content messaging.

Messaging often goes missing when someone who isn’t a copywriter is responsible for content creation. In this post, we’ll discuss a few quick fixes you can use to immediately see double or even triple the sales – without needing to increase your web traffic at all!

I’m going to assume you operate an HVAC or home services lead-gen site, as opposed to something e-commerce related. However, the tips below apply to any website with the stated purpose of generating phone calls or emails. Your industry doesn’t matter. I’m using HVAC in my examples because I know it exceedingly well.


4 Quick & Clean Fixes for a Bad Lead-Generation Website

1. Fix that headline, buster!

If you want better conversions, you’d better get better HVAC webite headlines. (Say that five times fast!)

This is, without a doubt, the biggest and most effective tool in your arsenal. The Internet is enormous, and your viewer’s attention span will last about six seconds.

(That isn’t a guess, that’s a statistic.)

You don’t have a lot of time to grab them. Try something like this on for size:

(Disclaimer: DO NOT copy the headlines below. They’re copyright protected and currently in use. If you need a handcrafting language, give me a call at

. I’m at your service.)

Air Conditioning & Heating Repairs – Unmatched Craftsmanship, Unbeatable Service, Fast Repairs & Free Quotes …

& Prices That Suit Your Budget!

There’s a headline and subheadline pairing that will cover very nearly 100% of your visitor’s potential needs in under two dozen words.

It tells the viewers:

  • That it’s about them because we only use “you” words or customer-facing language.
  • That they will “get” something, which is a powerful word choice.
  • That your company has skilled contractors on staff.
  • That customer service is a priority.
  • That you are budget-friendly.
  • That they have come to the right place.

Note the upfront keyword placement, as well!

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Punch up the writing!

Nothing sinks a site faster than lifeless content. If everything else is perfect, and your content is boring, your conversion rates will still be abysmal. The simplest way to avoid drab, yawn-worthy content is to apply something called the AIDA principle.

Before you start singing an Elton John musical, let me be clear:

AIDA is an “old standby” for copywriters, and stands for:

  • Attention – Grab them with a headline they can’t ignore!
  • Interest – Earn it with engaging copy and intriguing offers!
  • Desire – Create it by showing off your awards, special training, and competitive pricing.
  • Action – Get them to take it with a well-placed submission form and a strong, irrefutable call to action.

There are a few ways to tackle this, and I use what is called “Symptom-based,” rather than “Solution-based” language. Solution-based language is more common. It can fail when your customers don’t know they need your solution.

For instance, if a website proudly proclaims, “We offer the latest, greatest home water softener systems,” a visitor might very well think they have no need of it.

A symptom-based paragraph might begin:

Are your appliances collecting a mineral scale? Are your clothes, hair and skin dry and scratchy? Is there staining on your bathtub? Is your water bill climbing? Then you need to talk to us today about your hard water!

In the above example, we’ve given the customers something to latch onto – symptoms they will recognize – before we address the fact that we can solve that problem for them.

This is a more organic and effective approach.

3.You’re not calling them to action!

If the horn doesn’t blow “Reveille,” the soldiers don’t know it’s time to rise and shine. If you don’t have a call-to-action button on your page, you’re tripping yourself at the finish line.

A simple and effective call to action has no more than four fields to fill out, is colorful and in stark contrast to the rest of the page, and contains the “privacy assurance” blurb.

Also, the word “SUBMIT” is nowhere to be found. Instead, we opt for something descriptive, like “Let’s Get Started” or “Fix My AC!”

The last thing you want to do is sow confusion at that point, so make sure that your CTA button is stark and to the point.

Lastly, just beneath your opening headline and supporting sublines, make sure you’ve got a colorful graphic that contains your phone number and a CTA blurb. Something like this:

[Insert CTA Graphic]

That way, your potential customers know you mean business, and that you’re available to speak to them right away. The best part of doing it this way is that you’re hedging your bets: for people who really don’t want to read anything, the number is at the top for them to use. At the same time, you’ve got more CTA buttons below the fold for those viewers who read everything before they decide to call.

In other posts, we’ll discuss even more ways you can build trust and draw in potential clients, but for now, get moving on those and watch the new leads roll in.

When you’re ready to discuss building compelling landing pages with offers your viewers can’t resist, I’ll be here for you.

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