How HVAC Landing Pages Can Deliver New Business

A 5-Step Path to More Customers

Think your landing pages are the best? Think twice.

Landing pages, and particularly the things that make them succeed or fail, have evolved in recent years. Things that used to work no longer do. Thus, the best landing pages are those built by copywriters who have changed with the times.

Landing Page, Defined

A landing page is a standalone website designed to catch a visitor’s attention and then direct them through a lead generation form in order to capture their information and convert them into a potential customer.

Good HVAC Landing pages manage that by keeping conversion rates from normal website traffic at acceptable levels. They’re targeted to a particular customer need and tied to AdWords or a similar ad service.

Great HVAC landing pages (meaning pages built by experienced landing page designers) do all of the above, but at higher levels, maximizing conversion rates on existing traffic and taking advantage of the latest strategies in order to attract customers.

Good Landing Pages Have:

  • Compelling, impossible-to-ignore headlines
  • Engaging content that keeps the eye moving
  • Strong Call-to-Action buttons and sections
  • Prominent placement of phone and contact information
  • Highly visible lead generation form box above the fold

Bad Landing Pages Have:

  • Commodity phrases like “We’re the best” and “Reliable, Hardworking”
  • Clutter, mixed messaging or other confusing elements
  • Long-winded paragraphs that tire the viewer’s eye

So you see, landing pages and homepages are not the same thing. They shouldn’t be approached the same way.

Here’s some free advice:

Don’t count on your web design guru to figure this stuff out. I’ve never encountered a website designer who was also a highly trained copywriter. It takes too much time to master either of those skill sets.

Web designers giving copy advice is like a barista offering to fix the plumbing. Just because he works near the pipes doesn’t mean he understands them. Better he sticks to coffee – and better the web designer sticks to layout and graphics.

5 Tips for a Fantastic Landing Page

Let’s talk details.

1. Headlines must be compelling and must match the ad copy that took the visitor to the landing page in the first place.

Web writers learned their trade from print writers. We all know that headlines sell newspapers. They also drive web views. A well-designed landing page lives or dies based on the quality of the headline. Here’s a killer headline from an appliance repair client:

Is Your Dishwasher in Need of Repair?

If You Want Sparkling Dishes and You’re Tired of Handwashing, Call the [Your Company] Rescue Team at XXX-XXX-XXXX

In just a few short lines, we’ve accomplished everything a headline should. The language is all about the customer, we’ve asked a question that they will be subconsciously saying yes to, and we’ve told them that we can handle their inconvenience.

When you do this, make sure your ad copy is similar to the headline. Both should contain your primary keyword.

2. Your text has to be informative and engaging.

A boring copy is a boring copy. At the end of the day, no one will read your page if it feels like it’s been copied and pasted, or if it’s a yawn-fest, or if it isn’t getting to the point. I won’t go so far as to drop the incredibly overused “content is king” tagline, but your language does have to pop.

Compelling copy should be the only copy on your landing page.

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3. Be certain there are several strong Call to Action phrases and buttons included in your landing page.

A call to action or CTA is an essential part of good landing page design. For an HVAC contractor landing page, it’s the part that tells your viewer how to become your customer.

This is the part where you utilize your most compelling offer. If we continue with the aforementioned Dishwasher Repair client, a good call to action would perhaps offer $30 off any dishwasher repair.

It could be sweetened even further by waiving the trip charge – and mentioning that value in dollars and cents. A customer loves to hear they’ll be saving $50 or $75.

Another tip?

Use a P.S. at the end. They can be a great way to reinforce the body of the entire CTA. For instance:

P.S. If you call now, we’ll waive our diagnostic fee AND our trip charge (an $85 savings!), plus give you $30 off any dishwasher repair. Act fast – this offer expires on [DATE].

4. Place the phone number prominently and more than once!

This should be a no-brainer. People need to be able to find your number. Make sure that, in addition to being part of the text body, your phone number is displayed in a high-contract colorful graphics.

No matter where on your landing page a visitor might be, they should see that number. Their decision to call should be met with zero hesitation!

[Insert Graphic]

5. Avoid commodity phrases and clichéd marketing language.

Cliché phrases make you sound like a hack. You’ve heard them:

  • From the ground up …
  • We do [thing] so you don’t have to!
  • …outside the box …
  • [Number] People can’t be wrong!
  • Your one-stop shop!
  • … the extra mile!
  • Next-gen, cutting edge, innovation, turnkey!

Your potential customers are too smart for this kind of jargon-filled nonsense. Use straightforward language that speaks to them on a personal level, and don’t try to brag. The rarest commodity in business is honesty. Make sure your customers know that you’ve got integrity.

On top of these 5 tips, some general best practices might include:

  • Keeping things simple and avoiding clutter.
  • Keeping your paragraphs short and maintaining some white space.
  • Placing a “Contact” box very prominently on the page.

Got any sage wisdom I’ve forgotten? Have you had good luck (or bad luck) with any landing page design techniques? Would your customers respond better to a landing page designed around these principles? Tell us in the comments!

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