60% Conversion on a One Hour AC Landing Page. Impossible? (We’ll see!)​

Here’s a familiar story:

An HVAC contractor comes to us complaining that their AdWords management costs are too high. The conversion rate stinks, the CPC (cost-per-click) is too high, and he’s just not seeing the profit potential.

He comes to us because an existing client tells him we can change all that.

We took a poorly performing AdWords account and turned it around. Suddenly, he found himself converting on “air conditioning repair” and “AC repair [CITY]” at a stunning 53.33% and 60%. That left him with a cost per conversion of $28.34, spread across all of his ad groups.

That’s more than doubled his previous successes – and that was in the off season in a state that sees very little business when it isn’t hot out.

So how do we create such spectacular conversion rates

Well, that’s why you’re here. Let’s dig in and talk about it.

But Wait: What Are We Counting as a “Conversion,” Anyway?

If a visitor clicks on our clients AdWords ad, arrives at their landing page, and calls the tracking number we’ve included on the page, we call that a conversion.

So what’s the secret?

Well, there’s a couple things that go into our success. First off, we’ve been doing this (HVAC AdWords) for 15 years, and we’ve aggressively pursued perfection. We’ve gotten pretty close, and I daresay we’ve got the best HVAC landing pages out there.

You need your AdWords account management team to understand your industry. AdWords only drives traffic to your page, it doesn’t do a thing to help with conversions. Conversions depend entirely on that landing page.

So, using experience we’ve cultivated working with HVAC contractors, we build landing pages that hit every metric, tick every box, and answer every question. And we do that while taking up as little of the viewer’s time as humanly possible.

They’re home runs, and no mistake. Better yet, they’re not HVAC exclusive – our methods work equally well for plumbers, roofers, painters, and any other kind of residential or commercial contractor.

Math is honest, gang.

And so are we. We don’t rest on our laurels here, and that’s important. Even though our current design is driving sales through the roof for our clients, I have just finished upgrading the design to send our successes soaring even higher.

Looking for an HVAC Landing Page to Get New Customers? Our Designs Have the Highest Conversion Rates in the Country!

Landing Page Mistakes Everyone (Except Us) Seems To Be Making

We only get to be critical because of our unique position. We have the highest converting HVAC landing pages in the United States, and that gives us a little credibility. So here are the mistakes we see most often:

Pick me, pick me! Flashy designs that shriek “look at me” instead of “look at this” are woefully miscalculating. Your design should be minimalist and simple to scan through.

Wild graphics and banner images draw attention away from your message. We focus on banner content that is simple and blends into the background. They’re not there to draw the eye. They’re there to reinforce the overall message: “You will have a positive outcome if you click here.”

Headlines that don’t grab and hold attention are wasted opportunities. I’ve talked about this in an article or two over the years.

Typical images, like your employees or marked vehicles. That boosts your ego, and doesn’t help your customers make a decision.

Sliding banners and pop-ups, no matter how well intended, feel like spam or greedy advertising to your viewers. LOSE THEM. They’re conversion killers.

Failing to prove your honesty by including customer reviews, telephone numbers, and other trust assurances is a huge mistake. Our landing pages include, on average, 8 markers to build trust.

Industry Specialist badges, such as Trane Comfort Specialist, Carrier Authorized, etc.

Better Business Bureau Logo

Home Advisor Logo

Highlighted customer reviews (at least 4)

If you’re wondering why so many landing pages aren’t doing this kind of thing, it’s because they can’t! Web designers count on flash over substance because designers aren’t writers – and writers convert.

You may notice on our landing pages, that we include a fair amount of long-form content, as well as the usual short-form stuff. That’s because viewers – particularly those about to spend money – aren’t all the same. Skeptical viewers need a little more convincing, and we’re ready to give it to them.

How do we get them to read it all?

That’s a silly question.

The same way we’ve gotten you this far. We break it into easily scannable sections. We include subheadlines. We ask pointed questions to reignite your curiosity.

If you need to skip ahead, we make that easy by highlighting subsections with great headlines.

If you need detail, it’s all in there, waiting to be read.

That kind of content commands high prices online, often in the area of $1500. That’s a bit steep, but it pays for itself in just weeks. If you’ve got six times as many leads as you had before, that price tag hardly seems concerning, right?

Well, good. Because we start at just $247 for our HVAC landing pages.

I’m interested in your take.

If you’ve got thoughts or opinions about what you’ve read here, I want to hear all about it. If you feel this design could improve your conversion rate, I’m glad to discuss it with you.

What are your own experiences with AdWords and conversion rates? Comment below.

I can be reached via email from our home page or you can call me at 407-701-9520

. If you’ve got questions, or if you just want to improve your website or PPC conversion rates quickly, I’m ready to talk.

If, after that talk, we decide to work together, we can discuss business. If not, that’s fine too! I’ll be glad just to have sent a few valuable tips your way. Thank you for reading, and keep in touch!

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