Here’s how the dream came true:


Being in the digital marketing world of website rankings, I have long been a fan of videos. I view them all the time myself and have personally witnessed the miracles they can work for most businesses. Problem is, videos are a nightmare to produce and publish for 99% of business owners.


So I needed 3 things to fulfill my “set it and forget it” goal:


1.     Really cool, custom videos that were accessible and affordable. (Not just affordable, practically free)

2.     A way to post these professional videos to Facebook and Twitter on auto-pilot.

3.     A price point for the entire enchilada of less than $100 per month


So, I spent hundreds of hours in my spare time looking for a way to post inexpensive videos on my Facebook page 365 days a year like clockwork.


After a few trials and a bunch of errors, I discovered an inexpensive way to make 15-20 second in-house videos with motion, sound, and graphics that practically jump off my social pages. I use these super cool videos to promote website content, helpful blog articles and to get my message out to a ton of Facebook followers and friends.


Here's a sample video:

Social Media Management - Discover the "Fool Proof" Formula that Puts your  Daily Facebook & Twitter Posts on Auto-Pilot!