5 HVAC Website Headlines That Will Set You Apart

Content is king.


Many bloggers, writers, SEO strategists, and business owners have heard that line. In fact, it’s so overused that I found it difficult to type – and it isn’t purely good advice.


I’m sure that most of you get the underlying concept, though. It isn’t fancy designs and animations that drive conversions. Those things are – at best – a lure, a way to trick the eye into stopping where you want it.


The actual meat – the content – is what determines positive visitor actions. And the headline, above all else, will determine whether your content gets read.


Today, I’m going to go over a couple of headlines that have been used by my clients on their homepages and internal service/replacement pages. More importantly, I’m going to go over what they mean, and why they work, so that you can work to formulate your own.


Let’s take a second to cover the fact that you should not expect to use these headlines – they are copyright protected – but you should be learning from what works.


If you’re not in the HVAC industry, don’t fret, there’s plenty here for you to learn as well. It’s most effective for home service contractors, however, including (obviously) HVAC, but also plumbers, roofers, painters, repair companies, electricians, builders, and general contractors.


Conversions, for the unaware, signify the percentage of visitors who take a desired action. In our industry, that usually means lead generation. In others, that could mean a sale, a complete read-through, or a click-through to another desired page.


To clarify, we aren’t talking about small improvements in conversions. We’re talking an increase of as much to five to seven times the number of conversions.


How is this magic achieved?


Good question. Let’s talk about the two types of headlines we need to cover: home page headlines and internal service page headlines. We often see companies fail to brand and message these pages differently, but that’s crucial. The content should directly correspond to the needs of the visitor.


In an HVAC site, the home page is an umbrella. It should cover the basics of everything you offer.


Then, visitors to your page can identify their need and navigate to the appropriate page.


And that needs to happen in about six seconds.


You didn’t misread that. Studies are clear on it. You’ve got a couple deep breaths before you lose their attention for good.


The way to keep it is with a smart, punchy, informative headline on every single page.


(Disclaimer: the below headlines are copyright protected, and not for your use.)


Let’s start with a perennial favorite that has done wonders for my client:


Heating & Air Conditioning – Get Unmatched Craftsmanship, Best-In-Class Service, Fast Repairs, & Free Installation Quotes …


… at Prices That Suit Your Budget! 


Here’s why it works …


First, it’s punchy. It’s bold, and not just the formatting. This headline gets to the point. It isn’t coy or punny, and it is substantial.


Secondly, it tells the right story … that no matter what your reader is looking for, you’ve got it covered.


At this point, you don’t know what they need, but you’ve managed to convince them (fingers crossed!) that you can handle it. 


Does Your HVAC Website Need More Visitors and Higher Conversion Rates? Contact Us for the Website Design Your Business Deserves! 


What is a viewer getting from that headline?


In that headline, we didn’t use “I,” “we” or “us,” not once. We did use “you,” though. That’s to make sure that your viewer knows you’re a customer-focused company.


Here’s another secret:


People love the word “get.” It’s a buzzword that doesn’t feel like a buzzword, particularly when we combine it with the word “free.” That tells the customer that they’re nearing a great deal.


The rest of the headline tells them that your company:


Hires the best technicians.

Provides competitive customer service.

Offers “value-oriented” or budget-conscious pricing, without using words that imply cheapness.

Offers free quotes.


We’ve also kicked things off with the primary keyword, ensuring maximum SEO benefit for minimal work. Keeping that primary search term near the beginning of your headline can have a measurable impact on your search engine placement.


Don’t, however, make the mistake of letting the headline get complicated. You need to set yourself apart from the competition without being overly wordy and without being overly vague.


What’s “overly vague” look like?


Your competition probably starts every page with:


[CITY] AC Repair


or a variant on that theme.


Most web designers recommend things like this because they know more about web design than they do about SEO. That isn’t headlining, that’s keyword stuffing, and Google penalizes you for it.


Key messaging concepts should appear in your headlines, and it should address what your viewer is worrying about.


What are my viewers worried about?


Here are some questions you can assume are crossing your viewers’ minds. 


Is this going to take very long?

How soon can you get here?

How good are you at your job?

How honest are you in your repair work?

Is your price the best I can get for the right work?


Here’s an AC Repair headline that answers all of those:


Get On-Time AC Repair & Same-Day Service From Skilled Technicians Who Get It Right the First Time …


Without Breaking Your Budget.


In as few words as possible, answer every question you imagine your potential customers asking. That way, they’re already thinking YES.


Now, for our heating/furnace repair companies:


Get On-Time, Risk-Free Heating & Furnace Repair from Specialists You Can Trust …


… or You Pay Nothing!


Now, because I can imagine the sharp intake of breath, yes, I did say risk-free, and I meant it. If your customers know you’re confident enough to stand by your great service and guaranteed repairs, they are that much likelier to engage your company.


Don’t fret over fine print or details within the page, though – 99.9% of customers won’t even consider it. It’s about showing your concern.


Of course, you do have to mean it. 


Our headlines are successful because they’re informative. Often, we’ll recommend including a price point, as well.


Today’s customers want transparency. Other things you can do to spice up headlines: 


Mention “zero obligation” estimates.

Include mention of events and special pricing.

Mention easy payment options.


Give them every reason to call you, and do it all in the first 22 words. If you can manage it, you’ll see more qualified prospects than ever before.


Got anything I missed? Any great headlines you want to share? Jump right in with your ideas!